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oh hi… (and more shoes)

June 14, 2010

Hi WSB readers!

It’s true, I’ve been notably absent from posting here as of late.  I’m not sure if you’ll completely buy into my excuse, but the truth of the matter is that I’m getting married in something like 40 days and  haven’t been keeping up with my usual event trends reading and instead planning my wedding (note – my wedding planning is worthy of 4 or 5 posts all its own.  Those will come soon enough).

With all of my current distractions, my magazine reading has been close to nill but for some reason when my InStyle arrived yesterday (with its promise of 200 pages of super cute clothes!), I immediately opened it up.  If you know me at all, you know that I’m a total fashionista and devour about 25 fashion blogs each day.  I’ve also blogged about my love of a good shoe here and here.  And, you probably read about the Corso Como team concern here, so imagine my excitement when I came upon the article titled “Find Your Perfect Ballet Flats”.  I’m the perfect target audience for this article because I’m always looking for another great pair of event flats.  As I devoured the pages, I was totally disappointed.  I’m not against spending a chunk of change on a great pair of flats, but I was really disappointed to discover that most of the flats they featured were $100 plus (the cheapest pair is $69), so in an effort to help all of you cost conscious folks out a bit, I’ve done some of my own research and present you with some more affordable “perfect flats”.

Animal Print:

I love these adorable zebra print flats for Dr. Scholl’s.  I’ve never worn this brand, but a friend of mine recently tried these on and said they were some of the cushiest shoes she’d ever donned. At $49, I figure they’re worth a try.


I know a lot of the clothes from Old Navy are one-season items, but I’ve had a few pairs of their flats and have found them to be pretty comfy.  What about these little gems for $10-20 (depending on color).  I’d sport these on the weekend with a cute pair of skinny jeans.


What about these little cuties from Gap?  There’s no way these aren’t comfy and also super cute with a summer dress or skirt.  $32.99 at Gap.


A little pricey, but I love the print on this cute pair from JCrew.  $118.

Office Neutral:

I love these embellished snakeskin flats by Jessica Simpson.  $74.95 at

Did I miss any cute, affordable, must-have flats?

PS – WordPress makes me cry so sorry if these pics aren’t lined up correctly.  I’ve fought and fought the WordPress gnomes and can’t win against the magic.


Thumbs Down

June 7, 2010
Corso Como, how we love you. (Usually).

Following our Gearing up on the cheap post, a couple of us WSB’ers ordered the Corso Como “Festive” Everyday Stretch Flat. (Side note: We each chose the pretty violet color.)  We wanted try out the goods, too!  At 20% off and with a free shipping option, why not? 

They arrived late last week and sadly, were disappointing. 

Promising a “new level of blissful comfort,” they were indeed soft and cushy, but perhaps too much so. For us girls on the go, running through an airport would have been impossible; they were very slippery. In fact, I was so excited to get the package that the door to my house barely clicked closed before the box was open and the shoes were on my feet. With the tile we have in our entryway, it felt like ice skating as I paced around in them. It wouldn’t have been pretty had I made any quick movements. 

And while small, the absence of the carrying pouch was noticeable. Wasn’t this part of the appeal? Being able to keep the pouch in your oversized briefcase/purse/carry on and then locate not one, but both, shoes easily and effortlessly. 

Corso Como: we do adore your shoes, but you might have missed the mark this time around. Thumbs down from this group. 


Pretty Colors! Corso Como flats