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I’ve Got the Scoop

July 23, 2010

We are coming to the end of National Ice Cream Month… sigh.  With temperatures of 85 degrees and rising each day, I will do anything to stay cool and I use this weather as an excuse to eat unlimited amounts of ice cream.  There is nothing better than that first bite of ice cream – that cool, creamy goodness – on a super hot day. Don’t waste a tasty treat on those non-fat frozen yogurt options.  Go right for a large scoop of New York’s finest ice cream… or try gelato!    

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?  According to the experts at Wikipedia:  

Gelato is Italy’s regional variant of ice cream. As such, gelato is made with some of the same ingredients as most other frozen dairy desserts. Milk, cream, various sugars, flavoring including fruit and nut purees are the main ingredients. Gelato differs from ice cream in that it has a lower butterfat content, typically gelato contains 4-8% versus 14% for ice cream. Gelato generally has slightly lower sugar content, averaging between 16-22% versus approximately 21% for ice cream and non-fat milk is added as a solid.  

So I read that to mean gelato = healthier than ice cream.  Mmm… Even more reason to eat it, as if I needed one.    

Here are the Top 5 Gelato Spots in NYC.  Do you agree?    

1)   Grom    

Grom uses only organic fruits, no artificial additives and is eco-friendly. The first location opened in Torino, Italy and now you can sample the gelato at Grom at any of the three NYC locations.    

Why you should go: the Tiramisù Gelato.    

Courtesy of


2)   Otto Enoteca Pizzeria   

Mario Batali is a food genius.  Otto not only serves amazing pizza but also has some of the best gelato in the city… and at reasonable prices!  The unique gelato flavors are a perfect end to a perfect meal.  The gelato flavors include Salty Peanut, Dark Chocolate, Creme Fraiche, Ricotta, Caramel and Milk Chocolate Chip, to name a few.   (Can’t wait for Eataly to open this summer!  I will be first in line.)

 Why you should go: the Olive Oil Gelato   

Courtesy of NY Serious Eats


3)   Il Laboratorio del Gelato   

This gourmet gelato shop is located next door to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. With a rotating selection of more than 200 flavors, it’s no surprise that this place is a NY favorite.  Some of the more creative flavors include Maple Walnut, Lavender Honey, Guinness, Chocolate Thai Chili and Vanilla Saffron.  

 Why you should go: the Dark Chocolate gelato (with any topping)  

Courtesy of Grub Street New York (


4)   L’Arte del Gelato

L’Arte’s website states:  We make it, you eat it. Simple. Using natural ingredients and in-season fruits, L’Arte creates delicious summer treats. They feature an Olive Oil flavor similar to Otto’s, as well as Pistachio,  Coconut, Crème Brulée, Rum Raisin, and many more.  

Why you should go:  the Rice Pudding gelato!

Courtesy of L'Arte del Gelato


5)   Popbar  

I love the creative “pop” words they use like Popologists, Popaholic, PopLab and Poparazzi (check out their site for more).   

I think Popbar describes its concept best:  PopGelato on a stick is a handcrafted and customizable treat. They are made daily from fresh fruit and ingredients shipped directly from Italy with no artificial coloring or preservatives. Do you love our popGelatos and want to add a personal touch? No problem! With myPop you can create your own unique popGelato… from the stick up!  Choose your Poppings, choose a signature dip and enjoy!  

Why you should go:  It’s gelato on a stick… with toppings!  

Courtesy of Grub Street New York (


If your summer travels take you to Chapel Hill, NC, make sure you stop by Sugarland for a gelato martini!  The shop has been featured on Good Morning America and the Food Network’s new show, Kid in a Candy Store.  The martini flavors include a pina colada, Nutty Irishman (a mix of hazelnut gelato, Bailey’s Irish cream and vodka), the Kiwi Kamikazi (a mix of kiwi gelato, a splash of lime, Midori and vodka) and the signature Tartini, named for the college town’s Tar Heels, to name a few.  


I declare today National Gelato Day!



Top 5 Sites for Top Cities

July 15, 2010

With all of the social media sites, friends’ blogs and daily emails directing you to the latest and greatest items and ideas, we are on information overload. It seems everyone is a self-professed foodie, fashionista, techie, or (fill in the blank) guru and want to share their expertise with you.  So how do you decide which sites are the best resources? 

Each of us have a few “go to” sites that help us filter through the options and provide us with some quick ideas. When I am planning an event, it is important for me to learn about the city and culture where the event will take place. I look for information on the local venues, vendors and of course… food.  I particularly enjoy websites and emails that are city specific so I can pick up some helpful tips and discounts when visiting the area.  

Here are my Top 5 Sites for Top Cities:

 1)    Tasting Table – This site covers New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C.  Since TT also has a national edition, they often cover other cities as well.

Tasting Table is a free daily email that delivers the best of food and drink culture to adventurous eaters everywhere. Each weekday, we send our subscribers one delicious idea about dining, wine, cocktails, cooking or restaurant personalities. We feed you only first-hand recommendations that we have tested thoroughly ourselves—one bite at a time.

In our local editions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C., we’ll alert you to a must-try dish at a forgotten restaurant, a hot new bar that deserves its buzz, under-appreciated cook shops and neighborhood food purveyors who may otherwise go unnoticed.


2)    Blackboard Eats – Currently, this site offers restaurant discounts for New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I have a feeling this will expand to more cities because the discounts offered are great and easy to use.  When there is a discount available, you receive an email with the details. If you are interested in the deal, simply click on the email that day and receive the code. Bring the code to the restaurant and enjoy the deal!

BlackboardEats is a free e-mail and website delivering exclusive deals on restaurants handpicked by seasoned food editors. We also highlight the best food-related specials LA, NY and SF have to offer, including prix fixe discounts, tasting events, weekly dinner bargains and more.

Unlike other sites that focus on the newest openings, BlackboardEats features both hot spots and hidden gems—some of which are new, some of which have been around for years. And we cover everything from the fancy to the no-frills…just as long as the place rocks.



3)    The Daily Sip – This website is focuses on the wine industry… and what’s an event without wine?!  The emails are quick reads and I like that they feature different wine regions.

Think “Daily Candy” meets “US Weekly” of the wine industry. Start your day with insider tips on truly delicious wines, behind-the-scenes stories from winemakers, Celebrity Sips, insider special offers, and much more. Each short email features a winemaker, region, wine, chef or celebrity, or gadget. No one stops after just one sip.



4)    Great Places – Check out this website and blog for some venue ideas and trends. While venues open and close often this is a good starting place to look through venue ideas in different cities, including New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago and more.


5)   Groupon While I have never actually purchased a coupon through the site, I think it has some great offers in most major cities. Just make sure to read the fine print. For example, if you buy a coupon for a hair salon and you are already a customer there, they may not let you use the deal.  (Also, check out Lifebooker for NYC beauty deals!) 

Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and soon beyond.



 Happy Exploring!