Back to School


Remember when August meant summer vacation, summer reading, and getting ready for the new school year?  Well, it’s time for YOU to go back to school! 

Check out these classes where you can learn some new skillz

Trapeze School New York (TSNY)

Take a class in Flying Trapeze, Silks & Ropes, Trampoline, Aerial Conditioning, and more!

About TSNY: Forget fear. Worry about the addiction. We have opportunities for everyone from the thrill-seeker to fear-facer, athlete to couch potato, casual flyer to serious aerialist. Amazingly enough, we have seen people ranging in all desires and abilities inspire each other, bring new energy to the school and enrich each other’s lives with courage and mutual support.  Classes are offered in NYC, DC, Boston and LA.


Pizza School

At Pizza a Casa our mission is to educate and equip pizza lovers with the knowledge and tools necessary to make fantastic thin crust pizzas at home. We feature the finest in pizza making gear for the home pizza chef and weekly classes sharing the secrets of pizza making perfection in a home oven.


Flamenco Dance Class

Bring some spice into your life. There are Flamenco dance studios everywhere!  Just bring comfortable clothes and shoes/ pumps with a hard sole and dance your way through the fall.


DJ Class

Jam Master Jay founded Scratch DJ Academy as a place where anyone could learn about the DJ art form, its culture and history. Courses include mixing, scratching, digital DJing, Music Production and more in NYC, Miami and LA.


Pottery Class

All classes at Mugi Pottery focus on wheel throwing techniques and accommodate skill levels from beginners to very advanced, in small groups to ensure individual guidance. Various throwing projects, glazing and surface techniques will be explored in all of the classes.  Find a pottery studio near you!


Sailing School

The Manhattan Sailing School is the largest and most respected such organization operating in the New York Harbor. At the end of your course, you can also challenge the American Sailing Association Standard for Basic Sailing if you wish to get certified. The subjects you will learn in Basic Sailing are: Sailing Terminology, Points of Sail, Rigging & Derigging, Hoisting & Trimming Sails, Tacking, Jibing, Sailing by the Lee, Proper Commands, Docking & Securing a Boat, Important Knots, Basic Navigation Rules and Man Overboard.


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