Fashion? Comfort? Both?


I have a rule when I’m onsite at an event – no heels unless I’ll be standing for less than two hours or walking less than one mile…total.

That said, the quest for the perfect pair of flats has been a long one. My favorite pair of work flats – a pair of black patent leather, gold buckled flats from Ann Taylor three or four years ago – are starting to look tired and I have about 20 other pairs of flats that are only mildly successful. (Meaning they are sometimes the wrong color, season, pinch my feet, etc.). In the past couple years, I’ve heard rave reviews about Tory Burch flats, but at the $200-$400 price tag, I couldn’t justify the investment even if it was for my feet.

Enter the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some targeted marketing featuring these lovelies:

Photo Image courtesy of

Photo Image courtesy of

Cute? yes. Practical? yes. And at just over $100, I could finally justify this type of purchase. After some backordering delays, they finally arrived last week and I immediately tried them on and wore them out. On the first wear, I walked about 2 miles with no pain, no blisters, no nothing. yay! I’ll be trying them out at my next event, but in the meantime I’m wearing them around town.

So, I’m sold on the Tory Burch flats…definitely worth the investment.



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