Gearing up on the cheap


Travel is a way of life for us – from countless hours spent in the air, the constant search for secure airport Wi-Fi, and hotel after hotel, it’s the little things that really make the time away from home that much easier – and more comfortable!  The Discounts & Deals section of Real Simple’s June 2010 issue (p.274) features a handful of really amazing items that do just this.  And with perks: all are available at a discount!

Picture this: Your connecting flight is departing from Gate L7 in Chicago O’Hare’s Terminal 3 in a matter of minutes.  You’ve just disembarked flight #1 at Gate C11 – all the way in Terminal 1 – and you’re wearing heels.  Even Carrie Bradshaw’s stiletto skills would take a beating with this trek.  What to do?  Reach into your carry-on and grab your Corso Como flats, packaged oh-so-conveniently in a drawstring pouch.  Slide them on … and run!   












Real Simple reader price: $48, (available in June).
Enter the code REALSIMPLE at checkout. 

(Photo courtesy of Grant Corrett, found at Real 


Picture this: You are travelling cross-country for the holidays and have decided to pack presents for the whole family amidst your down parka, snow boots and flannel pajamas.  While the suitcase does zip closed, the nagging question of “Will it pass overweight baggage muster?” won’t leave.  Erase the worry with an at-home luggage scale.  A compact weigh-it-yourself tool, the “On Your Weigh Luggage Scale” features two ergonomic handles and runs on 2 lithium batteries (included), making the task a cinch.  Never again will we have to pay the $25 check-luggage fee + the $75 overweight luggage fee!  












Real Simple reader price: $22.40,
Enter the code REALFLIGHT at checkout.

(Photo courtesy of 


Picture this:  You’ve got an overnight flight, and after rushing from a day of meetings, the last thing you want to do is wash your face in an airport bathroom sink.  Leave your 3fl oz bottles in your carry-on and pull out the wipes!  No, not baby wipes; Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics Towelettes.  Neatly packaged for easy access and disposal, you’ll feel refreshed in no time. 










Real Simple reader price: $10.40 for eight exfoliating wipes; $4.80 to $5 for 20 makeup-removing wipes,
Enter the code RSPROMO at checkout. 

 (Photo courtesy of Grant Corrett, found on Real 


 Do you have any tricks that make the art of travel easier?  Better yet, any gadgets on the cheap that help you travel in style? 

Find more from Real Simple here.  And for other great travel gadgets and gear, check out


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