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June 2, 2010

DROID Incredible by HTC phone, that is.    

As an innovation communications agency, we work with companies that are on the cutting edge of technology.  Pretty often, we get to take these technologies and show them off in the best way possible: while having fun!  To drive continued momentum for the HTC phone that has been called “the fastest, most user friendly cellphone” and “not only looks prettier than a stack of Monets, but also smokes most smartphones when it comes to performance” our HTC team threw an intimate luncheon for the female-focused design community.


(Courtesy of David Goldman)

Hosted at Soho’s Meet at the Apartment, the theme tied to the newly-released Sex and The City 2, creating a vibe of downtown chic.  An opportunity to pamper design- and fashion-focused bloggers and highlight the functionality of the HTC Incredible, there was plenty of tasty fare, a fully-hosted bar (by a handsome “model” bartender, no less), the hottest must-have Minx manicures nail trend and unobstructed access to HTC executives.  To compliment the devices, us Event gals created a New York City-themed gift bag complete with everything red: Essie and OPI nail polish, Revlon Hot Coral lipstick (on a buy one-get one sale at right now!), HTC-branded Maraschino cherries, flowers a la Carrie Bradshaw (ours are from the lovely Malu over at Etsy), a bit of liquid goodness and much more.  To tie it all together, we packaged the goodies in Moroccan-inspired clutches from World Market.  

mmm Maraschino Cherries

Flower pins atop our bag of liquid goodness

Isn't the design on the clutches great?

The finished product

We had a hard time making sure the gift bags made it to the event – all of us wanted to have one for ourselves!  They turned out great!  What an event – congrats to the super chic & uber talented HTC team!

|Update: THanks to Wendy at nito:licious for the great showcase kudos!|


Finding the work-life balance is only a weekend away…

April 14, 2010

Ah, work-life balance.  It sounds like a nice idea, but finding the work-life balance can sometimes feel like a bigger challenge than finishing the budget report due Friday when it’s Thursday evening.  Luckily, spring is upon us, and setting aside some time for a quick weekend getaway can provide the break you need to arrive back in the office Monday morning refreshed, ready to kick butt and perhaps even a little bit of a summer glow.

But now we’re back to that work-life balance question.  You’ve decided to reward yourself for all that hard work, but the idea of doing all the planning and research on where to go and how to get the best price is looming ahead, and that budget report is still glaring at you from your inbox.  Before you throw in the towel and succumb to another weekend wishing you’d set aside some time for yourself, take a look below.

Image from

Nowadys, there are sites galore touting that they offer the best prices for cheap flights and hotel deals.  But there is one site in particular that offers an all-for-one-and-one-for-all approach to the affordable vacation:

With Kayak, you can compare the top affordable sites all in one place, or sign up for notification emails, meaning that Kayak does the legwork for you.  I got to experience this convenience firsthand about a month ago. 

One of my best friends from college and I haven’t seen each other in over a year since I ditched my snow shovel for an umbrella and made the cross-country move from Maine to Seattle.  We have been talking about planning a little weekend reunion for months, but the planning always seemed to get lost in the chaos of life.  Then one of my friends signed up for Kayak’s notification emails, and started having fares shot to her for Memorial Day weekend.  Before we knew it, a price came up that caught her eye, she booked her flight, and now we are highly anticipating a sunny Memorial Day weekend, where we will be joined by noneother than Ms. Carrie Bradshaw for the release of Sex and the City II.  Who knew a reunion could be so simple?  I wonder where we’ll decide to go next . . .

This post is by Jessica, special to the Event Services team.