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As an event planner, I’m often asked to suggest locations in various markets sight unseen.  Whenever possible, I’ll shoot a mail to someone in that city to see if they are able to provide any insight, but sometimes I’m faced with suggesting a venue or hotel without anything but a website to review.

Enter, a website dedicated to providing real, undoctored hotel photos allowing you to book with confidence.  Their claim to “anonymously visit, review and photograph every hotel sold on Oyster.”  They offer a pros and cons list, along with their ‘bottom line’.

Intrigued, I thought I’d check out their thoughts on a hotel I’d stayed at recently in Washington DC, the Embassy Suites – Convention Center. Overall, I agree with their assessment of the hotel and felt that most of the over 200 photos available (including pictures of the food) accurately portrayed my hotel experience.  The pros and cons were on point; the only additional con I would add would be the room service, which I didn’t particularly care for, although it was quick. 

I especially enjoyed the Photo Fakeouts, including this one at Breezes Montego Bay, which shows marketing and Photoshop can make any spot look enticing. 

I tested out a few other hotels on Oyster and would have to agree that they provide an honest look into the inner workings of the hotels they review.  Definitely a site I will visit when making future travel arrangements.

Now if there was just a site for other venues that provided the same service!


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