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September 23, 2009

I received two emails today from friends – one that makes me think innovation may have gone too far, the other has me wishing for more…I think. 

seat_1486410cThe first mail featured an article in the Telegraph which highlighted a new aircraft design for passengers on short flights.  In this design, passengers would face each other allowing for up to 50% more passengers and potentially reducing airfare by a third per seat.  At first glance I was opposed to this but I must admit it’s starting to grow on me.  According to the director of Design Q, Howard Guy, there are a couple of advantages to the design Passengers will be able to board and exit quickly once the plane lands. Furthermore, the exclusion of bulky seats makes the plane lighter and as a result more fuel efficient. 

starbucks_190The second mail was about a new application on iPhone featured in the New York Times.  While still in the testing phase (if you live on the West Coast and frequent a select store) you can now order your Starbucks coffee and pay for it through iTunes, all on your iPhone.  My first thought was, how cool!  But now that I’ve thought about it a bit, I’m wondering if this digital world of people who never talk to each other will ever end. 

I’m all for making things easier and working smarter.  But sometimes I do wonder if we go too far.  What do you think?