Up In the Air?


Not the movie.  And probably apropos of nothing, but for the last 5 years I’ve been dying to stay in one of the treehouses in Oregon.  They’re not really expensive and it’s taking camping to a new level plus some of them are even B&Bs (maybe my next business venture?).

Imagine my surprise when last week, our good friends over at trendcentral posted an entire newsletter about treehouses around the world.  Who knew that I could stay in one of these just about anywhere?!  Of course, I immediately wanted to book a trip to the one that looks just like a nest.

But, it also got my event planning chops working and I wondered if there was a way to incorporate this idea into some upcoming client event.  Sure, I’ve seen plenty of Martha Stewart weddings with bird’s nests as centerpieces, but could one of my clients embrace the treehouse/birdhouse?  My answer is yes, but I just have to figure out how.  Maybe it’s a good fit for introducing a new outdoor feature (anyone fancy an all treehouse themed event?) or maybe it works when we’re talking about back-to-basics or maybe it was just a great way for me to get out of my “the newest is the best” or “retro is back rut” and think about different ways to incorporate new ideas into my pitches.

Or maybe, I should just book myself a treehouse getaway and get it out of my system.

Event planners, how would you use this concept at your next event?


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