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We just keep growing…

July 6, 2010

We’re SO excited to have bambamnyc on the Work Shoe Blisters team and can’t wait to get her unique perspective on all things event planning.

Her favorite things are listed below, but if you want to catch up on who makes up the rest of the WSB crew check out our posts Three martinis and a champagne and Another champagne…

  • Favorite City: Toronto or Copenhagen 
  • Favorite US City: San Diego, CA and Nantucket, MA
  • Favorite Drink: Caipirinha. It’s Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime. Mmm.
  • Favorite shoes: In the summer, I live in Old Navy flip flops. In the winter, I cannot live without my dark brown Uggs.
  • Favorite Airport: Hewanorra International Airport, St Lucia. It is one of the smallest airports I’ve been to, which makes it very easy to check in for your flight.
  • Favorite Travel Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt, black Banana Republic zip-up hoodie and Pumas.
  • Must-have travel item: A good book and a few magazines. If I’m flying JetBlue, I just need headphones so I can watch TV.
  • Best Restaurant Experience: The tasting menu at Gramercy Tavern
  • Favorite Coffee Drink: A grande skinny hazelnut latte
  • Why I like event planning:  I love working on an event for weeks or months and then watching as it all comes together and the client is happy.

Seattle 101

June 15, 2010

Seattle Skyline. Image from Go Seattle Card.

Like many cities, Seattle is broken down into a multitude of various neighborhoods, each neighborhood possessing a different identity, culture, and vibe. To help learn about the city, I challenged myself to explore a new neighborhood each weekend and understand what makes that particular neighborhood so great. Here’s a basic rundown of Seattle neighborhoods.

Belltown – Belltown is filled with great restaurants and is the hub of Seattle nightlife. While it generally caters to a younger demographic, you can definitely find people of all ages trying the great restaurants like Tavolata, Wasabi Bistro, and Black Bottle or exploring the nightlife scene including See Sound Lounge, Amber, or Frontier Room. Whether you’re looking for a quiet candle-lit dinner or planning to dance the night away, Belltown has got it all! 

Pioneer Square – Pioneer Square is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle and is home to cute, under-the-radar boutiques, art galleries, startup companies, and a full-nightlife scene. The architecture is unbeatable and can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

Capitol Hill – The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is one of my favorites! It’s the most colorful neighborhood filled with a diverse crowd, big-name retailers and small boutiques alike, some of the city’s best restaurants including Anchovies and Olives, Meza, and Quinn’s. Capitol Hill is perfectly central to Belltown, Downtown, and Pioneer Square while still being slightly removed from the hustle bustle of downtown. 

Queen Anne – Queen Anne can be broken into 2 parts – Lower Queen Anne and Upper Queen Anne – and is one of the most desire-able neighborhoods to live in with views overlooking the entire city of Seattle. Lower Queen Anne attracts a younger crowd, generally college-age or new grads while Upper Queen Anne is the perfect place for urban families to settle.

UDistrict – University District is home to University of Washington students and some of the best food in the city. Strolling along University Street, the main street of the neighborhood and affectionately known as “The Ave”, you’re sure to find economical restaurants serving some authentic and delicious plates. A few of my favorite places include Thai Tom, Neptune Theater, and gem boutique – Moksha on the Ave.

Greenlake – Greenlake is an outdoors lover’s dream! The 3.2 mile radius lake is gorgeous and constantly filled with runners, cyclists, dog-walkers, and those enjoying a scenic stroll. Some opt to people watch on the various benches surrounding the beautiful lake, while others grab a canoe or kayak and experience the water firsthand.

Fremont – Fremont is one of the most unique neighborhoods in the city filled with a chocolate factory, breweries, and countless adorable boutiques. Fremont is home to my favorite restaurant in the city, Ponti Seafood Grill, and the famous Troll – a giant troll sculpture created by local artisans under the Aurora Bridge.

Ballard – Ballard is a neighborhood that could be a city all in its own. It’s slightly removed from downtown Seattle but well worth the commute. They’ve got a bustling nightlife scene like King’s Hardware and Matador, adorable boutiques like Horseshoe, an unparalleled farmer’s market, and mouthwatering restaurants.

This post was written by guest blogger, Nadine.