Three martinis and a champagne.


Welcome to Work Shoe Blisters! We are 4 global concierges, planner extraordinaries, jet setting shopaholics, Gordon Ramsay wannabes offering up an inside look at what we love (and don’t). Here’s a little about us:

cheese martiniMegan

  • Favorite City: Paris/ Copenhagen
  • Favorite US City: tie San Francisco and Ouray, CO
  • Favorite Drink: very dirty Belvedere martini up with three blue cheese stuffed olives
  • Favorite shoes: for onsite at events: my black patent leather Ann Taylor flats with a gold buckle; in life: either my snakeskin peep-toe Stuart Weitzman’s or my vintage brown Fyre collegiate boots
  • Favorite Airport: Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) although the Copenhagen airport is pretty fantastic
  • Favorite Travel Outfit: jeans, a cute pair of flats, a t-shirt, a wrap cardigan and a pashmina (in case it gets cold)
  • Must-have travel item: cell phone charger and a good book
  • Best Restaurant Experience: I just had a pretty mind altering experience at HerbSaint in NOLA
  • Favorite Coffee Drink: decaf tall skinny vanilla latte
  • Why I like event planning: I get to organize all the teeny, tiny details that most people never ever think about and then watch as everyone enjoys my creation.


  • Favorite US city: New York City
  • Favorite City Worldwide: Prague
  • Widow or Aisle?: Depends on the length of flight, but normally Aisle
  • Favorite Drink: pomegranate basil martini
  • Favorite coffee drink: vanilla latte
  • Favorite airport: PDX
  • Favorite shoes: Eccos
  • I won’t travel without… My hair straighter
  • Favorite travel outfit: Black pants and a wool blazer/jacket (it gets so cold in convention centers)
  • What I love about event planning: Having the opportunity to make details strategic


  • Favorite US city- Tough call! I’d have to go with Boston, Chicago and NY.
  • Most unique experience/observation while traveling – at a nice hotel in Orlando, I asked the Concierge to recommend a ‘non-chain’ restaurant for dinner. Her response: “Well, you could try Olive Garden, Chili’s, or Red Robin.”
  • Widow or Aisle? Always an Aisle, preferably exit row.
  • Favorite Drink – Grey Goose Pear Vodka Lemon Drop Martini
  • Favorite coffee drink – decaf coffee of the day
  • Must-have travel item – Can’t leave without my iPod
  • Favorite airport – Portland – great shopping and short lines
  • Best restaurant experience – Bacchanalia in Atlanta
  • Favorite shoes – Ecco’s
  • What I love about event planning – problem solving on-site so that no one knows what almost happened.


  • Favorite City – London
  • Favorite US City- San Francisco or New York
  • Widow or Aisle? Window, as close to the front as possible
  • Favorite Drink – Champagne
  • Favorite coffee drink – Decaf, soy latte
  • Must-have travel item –Dramamine and a good book
  • Favorite airport – Chicago O’Hare United Terminal (Vosges Haut Chocolat, Garrett’s Popcorn and art exhibits – do you need anything else?).
  • Best restaurant experience – The Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino, Canada
  • Favorite shoes – for work – Ecco’s, for fun – Onisuka Tigers
  • Favorite travel outfit – Jeans, cashmere wrap, my North Face hoodie
  • What I love about event planning – the adrenaline rush, the challenge to make it seamless, client satisfaction

9 Responses to “Three martinis and a champagne.”

  1. Shelby Finn Says:

    This is SO fun!! Congrats guys on getting this up – i can’t wait to hear about all your exciting events and those moments that make it all worth it!!

  2. CaraWalker Says:

    You ladies have some great tips…I will have to check out these ECCOs that you all are so fond of. I can’t wait for more! Congrats on the new blog.

  3. Graham Crow Says:

    Seems like we should pitch the ECCOs business. We have experts on board!

    • wendyhustonwehaveasolution Says:

      Ecco’s are the very best, most comfortable yet still stylish shoes I’ve ever worn. I simply won’t hit a trade show or event without them!

  4. Tami Zachman Says:

    My cousin Amanda G. sent me your blog. Just getting ready to launch a event planning business in the Midwest. Love your site.

  5. karen sung Says:

    i recently got my first pair of ecco’s and love them. though now i’m on the hunt for some that are not flats. do they exist? love the tips and drink ideas ladies and Tammy – I’m with you can’t leave or live without my hair straightener. i even tried to take it camping.

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