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Samsung Creates a Kaleidoscope

January 15, 2010

Today’s Trendcentral is on the reemergence of the kaleidoscope as something new and hip.    “CES recently introduced the world to a majorly monumental kaleidoscope installation in which Samsung stacked television sets on top of one another under a mirrored ceiling. The TV screens played vibrant flashes of strobe light, giving onlookers the feeling of being trapped within the womb of the most technologically advanced kaleidoscope ever.” (Source: Trendcentral)

The photos of their space are amazing – I love that they’ve allowed booth guests to become fully immersed in their booth experience.  Check out these photos from NOTCOT and see for yourself:

Samsung Booth CES, photo courtesy of NOTCOT

Photo courtesy of NOTCOT


Las Vegas….City of Relaxation?

January 8, 2010

I’m in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week and I’ve had to reach down deep into my stash of secrets to remain calm, cool and collected amongst all the craziness. 

I’ll start by sharing some of the craziness.  There was the woman in the LVCC bathroom brushing her hair… or rather, her hair piece which she was holding in her hand.  There were the ladies of the night in the elevator last evening who were busy planning who was going to do what to whom.  And on a more personal level, there are all of the ‘opportunities’ that have occurred with my hotel stay at the Palazzo (beer soaked carpet, broken TVs, missed breakfast deliveries, broken drapes, cold water showers). 

At the end of the day, after solving problems and attempting to make angry people happy, I need a break, which is hard to find in during the busiest week in town (did I mention that the Adult Entertainment Expo is going on as well?). 

The really nice thing about Las Vegas is that almost all of the hotel rooms are large and have amazing bathrooms, so there are several things I never leave home without:

At the end of an insane day, there is simply nothing better than a nice soak followed by the comforts of home.  But even then, the best part is the plane ride home…