Living Walls


In our events work, we are quite used to different surroundings, different atmospheres, different walls.  Windows, bricks, plaster, metals, you name it.  But what about plants?

Beyond animal portraits and vintage posters, all across the fabulous blog world (even the NYT!) plants have been emerging as a hot wall accessory.  What about translation to commercial indoor spaces?  While the pickup has been gradual (yay Seattle– great recent adoption!), plant-bedecked walls are a genius way to bring some life into a space!  Not to mention fresher, cleaner air quality and the benefits of a natural sound diffuser.  Witness: Woolly Pockets, Terrain.



photos courtesy of woolly pockets


 These two companies are quite well known, but join a multitude of other businesses in offering gear and instruction to those wanting to personally embrace the trend.  According to the experts at Terrain, it’s quite easy. They even offer tips (with photos!) on how to make your own garden wall visually appealing:

 1. Choose plants that vary in height and shape: tall grass at the top (sea oats); shorter, bushier plant in the middle (coralbells); something viny at the bottom (Golden Creeping Jenny).

 2. Green is nice, but throw in some contrasting colors (chartreuse lady’s mantle or golden bridal wreath spirea with burgundy euphorbia or black mondo grass). Or vary shades within a bold color family like silver or gold (eucalyptus, portulaca, clover-like Molten Lava oxalis).

 3. Mix leaf shapes and textures (glossy, fuzzy, large, narrow, long, rough, or spiny) for a dazzling display.

 Genius!  Now if only I had any semblance of a green thumb (I need these) …



photo courtesy of the new york times (this is in manhattan!)


What do you think?  Would you like to sip your martini next to a flower, buy your clothes from a retailer sporting ivy on the walls?


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