Food Cart Gluttony


As a frequent traveler, one of my favorite things is to have a food cart experience when visiting a city.  Hands down, some of the most unique and yummy meals I’ve had are the ones grabbed on the fly from a corner vendor.

When I read last week that my hometown of Portland, OR was ranked #1 as the World’s Best City for food cart culture I was surprised and decided I simply must experience the local fares.   This led to a family outing of local food carts where I learned firsthand why Portland beat out other great cities like Los Angeles (#2), Rio de Janeiro (#6) and Brussels (#8).

Before hitting the highway to explore, I checked in with fellow resident PDXer katetuomimonster to get her thoughts and must stops, which include The Big Egg for their legendary Monte Cristo (french toast “bread,” eggs, ham, gorgonzola, maple syrup), Nuevo Mexico for their stuffed sopapilla, and The Sugar Cube, for a vanilla bean lemonade. 

After some additional on-line research, we decided to try some different places, starting at  Wicked Waffles, which was by far the family favorite.  I’m thinking it was due to the chocolate strawberries and whipped cream waffle we shared.  From there we hit my personal favorite, Moxie RX Roadside Juice Bar & Cafe where everything was simply fantastic.  The Cheddar Biscuit sandwich, the Eggs and Greens, and the Berry/Milk/Granola juice/smoothie were delicious.  Now completely stuffed, we had one more stop to go – Garden State.  I think the only reason this wasn’t a favorite was because we were all too full to appreciate it fully.  We tried the meatball hero sandwich and promised each other we’d be back for some Cheese Puffs and Chickpea Fries when we had more room in our bellies.

What are your favorite food cart experiences?


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One Response to “Food Cart Gluttony”

  1. bambamnyc Says:

    Food trucks are amazing. We should all nominate our favorite for the Food Network’s new show, “The Great Food Truck Race!”

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