Pok Pok Brings Jelly Beer to Portland


I’m catching up on my Portland food blog reading and it seems the buzz this summer is once again about Pok Pok and the  Whiskey Soda Lounge.

Now, I’m a big fan of Pok Pok. I could probably exist solely on  their Khao Man Som Tam (green papaya salad, coconut rice and shredded pork – oh. my. gosh.), and I *know* Mr. Tuomimonster would probably give a limb for a lifetime supply of their Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings.

But after the buzz about Pok Pok grew and grew and grew (thanks Today Show, New York Times, Food & Wine, etc.), we just couldn’t justify waiting in line for hours to eat the above dream Thai.

Fast forward to this summer and Andy Ricker has once again upped the ante on his authentic Thai offerings. His team has been working on perfecting their Bia Wun machine, which will make (drumroll) jelly beer! This translates to basically a beer slushy  that’s going to be made with Singha beer.

When I initially heard about this, I pictured a Slurpee machine – except instead of being filled with Blue Raspberry, it would be filled with beer. Basically, Homer Simpson’s dream invention.  This video – http://vimeo.com/3903648 – (Darn you, WordPress, for not letting me embed) is a helpful look at how exactly slushy beer is made. It’s quite different than you think…

Long story short, I think the popular consensus is that there is nothing better than an extremely cold beer on a hot summer day. Make that beer a slushy beer and add in award winning Thai food and I think I have our summer weekends planned.

(Pok Pok is now open seven days a week (and for lunch!), which means shorter lines and a happier Kate. :))


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2 Responses to “Pok Pok Brings Jelly Beer to Portland”

  1. Barrett Says:

    The wings at Mee Sen on N Mississippi are also spectacular, and the shop is not quite as crowded. Check it out.

    Also, it’s Andy Ricker, not Richter 🙂

  2. katetuomimonster Says:

    I’ve been to Mee Sen, but I haven’t tried the wings. Thanks for the recommendation!

    And thanks for the catch on Andy’s last name – darn that Conan sidekick 🙂

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