With World Cup mania reaching a fever pitch, I’ve been bombarded with emails about everything industry related (you know, “explore South Africa,” “cool parties sponsors are having,” etc.).

World Cup '06. This does not mean WSB is endorsing Team Italia - we just think the picture is cool.

One of the most clever marketing emails I’ve received so far has to be from the Seattle Four Season’s ART Restaurant.  I wouldn’t really associate a place as upscale as the Four Seasons to turn in to a soccer hub, but for the next month, Chef Kerry Sear will transform ART into just that.

According to the ART press release, Sear will be serving a special Pub Menu; four special TV trays for lunch; a selection of wine and tapas from some of the participating countries; …and a World Cup Champions prix fixe dinner menu. They’ve also brought in two HDTVs for you to watch the  game.Now before you start thinking you’ll head over to the Four Seasons for a nice plate of wings and a Miller, keep in mind these are upscale snacks. Their “fish & chips” comes with curry tartar and minted freeze dried pea powder. 🙂

The pub menu is a bit more relaxed. Options include pickled eggs (with Katz’s Sauvingon Blanc Vinegar, of course),  homemade potato chips with sour cream dip, and “salted crisp bacon scratching.” (Note: I’m not sure what this means, but I’d love for someone in SEA to find out!).

They’ll also have quite the assortment of global brews available – everything from Bitburger to Fullers to Budweiser to Seattle’s very own Pike Brewing.

Definitely a different way to watch a game, but I think I’d give it a try…


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One Response to “Goal!”

  1. starafrica Says:

    U know I just got hungry by reading your post!



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