The Big Sandwich


I’ve wanted to pick up and move to New York more times than I can count on my hands.  And if you remember, I still haven’t even visited yet.  But nothing is making me want to pack my bags MORE than this:

The 101 Best Sandwiches in New York

I love sandwiches.  In a very big way.  And oh, how I love you New York Magazine, in a love-hate kind of way.  Sure, Seattle has Paseo, Honeyhole, Tats Deli, but the “P.H.O. Real” from Sunnie & Annie Deli, Llanero Patacon (mmm plantains) from Patacon Pisao #2, “The Scott Baio” (yes, seriously AND they have a “Sophia Loren” on the menu) from Lioni Heroes … my mouth is watering, wishing I was in the Big Apple (“Big Sandwich” might be a more appropriate name here)! 

Enough of the self-serving I-want-to-try-right-this-second choices; take a look at the full list (linked above).  In the meantime, just a few snapshots to whet your appetite.  A bit of caution: you might want to scroll through these after you’ve eaten a meal.  I can guarantee that leftover pasta from last night will quickly become far less appetizing after glancing through this impressive culinary compilation.


No. 74: Cuma from Farinella

No. 67: Cemita Al Pastor from Tulcingo del Valle

No. 53: PMB from Sullivan St. Bakery

No. 8: Romeo from Alidoro

AND NO. 1 GOES TO: Smoked Brisket from Fatty 'Cue


Have you tried any of these?  For any of you New Yorkers, or even frequent New York travellers, are there any you would add to this list?

Sidenote: I both love and am slightly bothered by the fact that Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Sandwich makes the list.


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