Chocolate Fail?


I never thought I’d *not* be excited about chocolate, but these new creations by chocolatier Komforte leave me a bit iffy.

Considering I never thought I’d love the combo of bacon and chocolate, perhaps I’m being too chocolate-judgemental.  I’m the most curious about the Ramen flavor.

Has anyone tried these (or any other usual) chocolate combos?


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2 Responses to “Chocolate Fail?”

  1. campblsoupgrl Says:

    We pass Theo Chocolate every time we go to the Fremont Sunday Market (which is almost every weekend) and, after three years of walking by the factory, we finally went in to check it out. We couldn’t stay long but just long enough to try a sample of everything they currently offer and by far the most unusual was the curry chocolate. Yes, curry chocolate. The texture was a little grainy due to the curry but it was definitely a curry flavor. Not bad, not AMAZING, just…unusual.

  2. katetuomimonster Says:

    Mmmm. I LOVE Theo chocolate! I’ve tried their curry, too – and agree with you – it was good, but weird.

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