Gramercy Park Hotel Roof Bar


I have to admit, I am a New York City virgin.  With some close friends who call the city home, a number of events that happen there year-round and no reason NOT to get myself on a plane right.this.very.second., I really need to make a trip happen.  What better reason than to check out the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Private Roof Club?

Just take a look:

(Courtesy of NOTCOT)

This lightbulb-covered genius design greets you before you even reach the Hotel Roof Bar.

(Courtesy of Gramercy Park Hotel)

Since I’ve yet to visit this gem, I’ll share the fabulous description from the GPH’s site: 

“The Private Roof Club and Garden, an original and unique indoor and outdoor space, with a retractable roof 16 stories above the city, is akin to a private salon or drawing room offering personal comfort and the intimacy of a private home. It offers a more personal and intimate version of the lobby as a new kind of gathering place as introduced by Ian Schrager almost 20 years ago.

This Private Roof Club and Garden combines all the charm of London’s private gentlemen’s clubs and the Bohemian bustle of a Viennese coffee house. It recalls the celebrated roof top garden life popularized at the turn of the century in New York City at such places as Ziegfeld’s Club at the New Amsterdam Theatre, Stanford Whites roof top garden at the original Madison Square Garden, the Astor Hotel in Times Square and Conde Nast’s famous parties on his extravagant roof top penthouse-with an edgy new twist.”  Read more here.

Have you dined here?  Are you drooling packing your bags yet? 



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