hello hello


hello hello from meggomeggo!

Before we get started (I’m going to warn you, you might be hearing from me a lot.  I really like to share the amazing things I come across each day), let me introduce myself…

I’m the newest addition to the Event Services team, a fresh transplant with a very technical background.   But don’t let that fool you!  I’ve got a healthy appetite – okay, if I’m being honest: a DEEP LOVE – for design.  I like pretty.  I REALLY like the spot where an idea meets reality and the two mesh perfectly.  I devour design blogs and magazines, and am always on the hunt for a new bar, new restaurant, new shop.  I love swank, color and flash.

I promise to share ALL of this with you, and am looking forward to the dialogue.


(Courtesy of Feaverish’s Flickr)


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5 Responses to “hello hello”

  1. campblsoupgrl Says:

    Welcome meggomeggo!

    My next favorite website (besides WSB of course) is Dooce.com and she *just* posted a blurp about Apartment Therapy’s new “Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces.” I thought that with your love for pretty and design, you would appreciate some of the cool things people have done in small spaces. (I love organization) 🙂


  2. katetuomimonster Says:

    You should check out Design Sponge – it’s my favorite!

  3. katetuomimonster Says:

    and – ps – welcome!!!

  4. Ali Koper Says:

    Looking forward to lots of pretty posts from you, Megs! For stylish event planning on a very small scale I love http://blonde-designs.squarespace.com/

  5. AVDuncan Says:

    ROCKIN! Can’t wait to see more from you 😉

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