Window or Aisle?


Loved this recent post in the New York Times – definitely made me think about my flying experiences.  Having already been on something like 30+ planes this year, I definitely have an opinion about window or aisle.

Sometimes, my preference is related to the city I’m traveling to (as in the article).  It’s true – you see some amazing landscapes and scenery from the windows of an airplane.  Earlier this year on the puddle jumper from PDX to SEA, the lighting was perfect and the views of Mount St. Helens, Mt. Rainier and Seattle literally brought tears to my eyes.

Other times, I make my choice based on the type of plane, how tired I am (window please) or the length of my flight (cross country or international = aisle for me).

What’s your airplane seating preference?  Are you in it for comfort or for view?


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