My Top 5 Favorite Dishes


When asked to take on the task of sharing my top 5 favorite dishes, my first reaction was excitement (as in, I can’t wait to share some of my favorite dishes with the world).  But, when I needed to sit down and actually write this post, things changed drastically – how can I possibly narrow down my list to a top 5? What direction should I take?  Fancy meals? Down home cooking?  What I finally settled on is a mixture of both – some of my favorite dishes are my favorites because of  the person I was with when I first tried them, some are favorites because they remind me of home or are comforting to me, and some of them are just plain fun.

1.  French Onion Soup, La Baguette, Colorado Springs, CO – whenever I go to CO to visit my family, La Baguette is top on my list of places to visit.  Everything on their menu is amazing, but the french onion soup is my favorite and even my native Parisian friends say it’s flavour, texture and presentation can’t be beat.

2.  The Maui Wowi, Elliott Bay Pizza Company, Seattle, WA – I love this sandwich.  Something about the way that Elliott Bay toasts their extra yummy bread, the combination of ham pineapple and sauce, and the great small college town vibe of the place (you have to walk through the kitchen to use the restroom) makes this a must stop on most trips to Seattle.  This is one of the few foods in the world that I actually crave if I haven’t had it recently.

3. Dirty Rice, Herbsaint, New Orleans, LA – I hit up Herbsaint last summer after reading multiple rave reviews on the restaurant.  In the ridiculous heat of the NOLA summer, this place was a welcome reprieve.  Everything on the menu is amazing from the fabulous cocktails to the special desserts, but I found an extra treat in the Dirty Rice.  A traditional Cajun dish, dirty rice is typically a way to use left over bits of meat and whatnot.  I was skeptical about trying this regional fare, but ultimately loved it.

4. Flank Steak Cold Plate, Park Kitchen, Portland, OR – Regardless of the season, this one is a must-have every time I visit Park Kitchen.  The chef does an amazing job of utilizing seasonal flavours to do something to this dish that makes it unforgettable.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had this and it surprises me in a good way with every visit.

5.  The Entire Menu, Restaurant Herman, Copenhagen, Denmark – I was lucky enough to be able to eat the Restaurant Herman on a business trip a few years ago – it’s the only time I’ve ever eaten in a Michelin Star restaurant.  My clients were feeling super ambitious and we decided to go with the full wine paired, 9 course tasting menu in a country where we couldn’t read the menu!  Every single course was absolutely amazing!  The way that the chef paired textures and flavours was delightful and I can’t think of another time when my palate has been so thoroughly satisfied.  If I’m ever back in Copenhagen, I’ll find a way to eat here again.


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