Be your own city guide


Years ago I was traveling with a friend through England when we ran into a group in Bath who were celebrating their friends 30th birthday. Their goal was to hit 30 pubs and do a shot at each (they were on pub 18 when we saw them). We had a great time tagging along for a few stops, and I have since incorporated this as one of my favorite things to do on vacation. Spending a day or evening visiting the local pubs and having a drink at each is a fantastic way to get to know a place and interact with locals. And being a collector of sorts, grabbing a matchbook or coaster from each spot along the way is a great way to capture memories.

I’m not advocating the drinking portion of this but rather the concept or trying new things. I believe this is why the walking tour visiting Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ restaurants has become so popular. It allows you the opportunity to experience a place from a local point of view.

This may be a great way bring a product or message to life. Anyone out there ever tried a walking tour for a press event?


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