DIY: Health Cures at Home (and on the Road)


In the past few months, I’ve been bombarded with DIY health care remedies.  As a fan of natural medicine and cures that deal with roots and herbs, I’m half tempted to try some of these things especially when I consider that sometimes they might be easier than finding a pharmacy when on the road.

  • The Kombucha craze is everywhere, just stop in your local Whole Foods and check out the wall of refrigerated beverages designed to kick-start immunity and restore overall balance.  They taste a little kooky and at $4+ a bottle, I have a hard time taking the purchasing plunge on a regular basis.  The good news is that you can now make your own kombucha at home with a kit from Kombucha Brooklyn.
  • If you haven’t been taking kombucha and the icks catch up with you on the road, you can now hit bars that will serve you their own version of NyQuil.  If you happen to get sick during a stopover in Cambridge, MA, check out the RumGrog at Dante.  According to my Urban Daddy source, the recipe for this drink is the same that the British Royal Navy ship captains used to keep the crew healthy during the 18th Century.  Bottoms Up!

Do you have any natural remedies that help you get through the icks?

All this “natural” medicine has me intrigued.  I guess I know what I’m trying if I happen to get sick this winter.


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