Helping Haiti


You can donate to the Mercy Corp's relief fund by visiting:

From Mercy Corp’s website: A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12, leveling much of the city. Mercy Corps has deployed an experienced emergency team to rush critical supplies and other urgent assistance to survivors.

Families need your help — food, shelter and other supplies — in the aftermath of the worst disaster to strike the region in years.

The affected area, home to three million people, has suffered catastrophic damage — eyewitnesses describe the aftermath as “total disaster” and chaos. Haitian government officials are estimating death tolls in the thousands, and thousands more are living in the ruined streets of the country’s capital.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is plagued by hunger and political instability. This disaster will drastically increase the needs of families who had little to lose in the first place.

Mercy Corps has a long history of helping earthquake survivors meet their immediate needs and recover what they’ve lost. We aided families after earthquakes in Peru in 2007, China and Pakistan in 2008, and Indonesia last year.

Please donate to our Haiti Earthquake Fund


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