Target Pops Up for the Holidays


I stumbled upon LA event planner David Stark’s Sketchbook blog last week.  He has a great post about his company’s work with Target on pop up stores in major metro markets over the holidays.  The concept behind these stores is quite cool – check it out below:

From the post:
We ADORE creating pop-up stores, and a week or so ago, we pulled off an ambitious retail feat that I am proud to share!  We opened three different stores,  in three different cities, New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, all on the same day!  Target is well known for innovative thinking and for essentially inventing the pop-up store model, but these were not typical shops where you go inside, walk aisles, and try on clothes.  Rather, our TARGET TO GO shops were one part roadside ice-cream stand, one part, drive through, and all parts fun. 

Target pop up store under NYC's Highline

The concept was simple:  A menu board showcased 50 numbered gift items for the entire family.  You marched up to the window, ordered by item number, and then quickly, a satchel of pre-wrapped gifts was handed right to you!  FAST.  EASY.  FABULOUS.


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