2010 Kick-Off: Best Burger Quest


For many people, the changing of the calendar year means making resolutions focused on things like weight loss, financial and physical health, more time, etc.  I’m not a resolution maker, per se, but this year, I’m on a quest for the nation’s best burger (well actually I’m always on this quest).

Here’s what I’ve compiled so far (with my thoughts).  This is pretty NW focused, so please point me to the best burgers in your area as well.

  1. Stanich’s, Portland, OR – okay, I haven’t actually been to Stanich’s, but everyone I know says it’s the the best and on my list for the first Portland burger of the new decade.
  2. Calamity Jane’s, Portland, OR – there are actually two locations for this one – one en route to Mt. Hood and the other outside of Dundee on the way to OR wine country.    Each has near 100 burgers on its menu and they range from the typical to the atypical.  Even better, the menu differs at each location based on local favorites.
  3. Nob Hill Portland, OR – a glorious NW Portland dive bar and a special sauce that makes their burgers super yum!
  4. 5th Quadrant Portland, OR – it helps that the 5Q has a fantastic selection of beers to go with their burger – I order mine with blue cheese and bacon.
  5. Witchita Pub  Portland, OR – probably my current favorite burger.  Something about the space and the food, just can’t be beat.  It’s such a greasy spoon, there’s nothing but an address online, but if you’re in Portland and want a good burger let me know and I’ll send you directions.
  6. Red Mill   Seattle, WA – There are 4-5 of these around town, but I prefer the one off Dravus.  You can order your burger a million different ways, just remember to bring cash and leave your cell phone at home.
  7. Dick’s   Seattle, WA – choices are limited, but the burgers are tasty and who doesn’t love no subsitutions and $.05 per condiment?
  8. Hopworks  Portland, OR – as far as veggie burgers go, the black bean burger is at the top of my list.  It’s a little spendy, but well worth it.
  9. Chaos Cafe  Portland, OR – hand’s down, probably the best veggie burger I’ve had.  Made with beets and other grains, Chaos knows how to serve vegan and veggie food up right.

Clearly, I have burgers on the mind – so much so, that I’m considering getting one of these to use while I’m on the quest.

Here’s hoping your new year has kicked off to a burger best start.


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10 Responses to “2010 Kick-Off: Best Burger Quest”

  1. wendyhustonwehaveasolution Says:

    My favorite NYC burger is the Burger Joint in LeParker Meridien
    119 W. 56th. You have to look for it, but believe me, it’s worth the search.

  2. Kristin Says:

    My favorite burger is from a place that no longer exists… the Gotham Tavern. It was on an English muffin and was unbelieveable. Seriously amazing. I never realized the bun could make such a difference.

  3. katetuomimonster Says:

    I second the Burger Joint at LPM – I think Wendy and I lived off of them for a week 🙂 Favorites in Portland? The burger at the now extinct Lovely Hula Hands, the ridiculously good (and a bit pricey) burger at Paley’s Place and Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Mmmm.

  4. meganlinkster Says:

    Great news – I just found out about this joint: http://www.urbandaddy.com/nyc/food/1135/Burger_Shoppe_Old_School_Burgers_in_the_Financial_District_New_York_City_NYC_Financial_District_Restaurant in NYC.

    Can anyone say mac and cheese burger? Yum! (and also maybe heart attack in a bun.)

  5. bestlaburgers Says:

    THE best burger in L.A. is at the S&W Country Diner in Culver City. But here are some other comments and check this out for details: http://bestlaburgers.wordpress.com/

    – Quick, cheap and dirty: Fat Burger. I’m a Los Angeles native and In ‘n Out is a fabulous original, but Fat Burger has them beat. Better fries too.

    – Greasy Spoon: Apple Pan is an institution here and cozy, but if you don’t like the Hickory Sauce, you’ll be disappointed. Try Marty’s on Pico or Pie’n Burger in Pasadena (just as cool, friendlier and oh so yummy)

    Gourmet: Try Twenty Five Degrees in Hollywood

  6. meggomeggo Says:

    Though now a pretty sizeable chain, Five Guys in Springfield, VA wins my award for Best Burger. Perhaps it was about the peanuts on the floor, the grease that quickly soaked through the paper bag or that most trips there were on the back of my Dad’s Harley … but it is cemented in my mind as one of the greatest.

    Not sure if I’m willing to take the plunge – 10 years later – give it a try at the local franchise (on the this side of the country). Perhaps it’s time!

  7. wendyhustonwehaveasolution Says:

    Apparently we’re not the only burger lovers around. Check out this new website http://www.thehamblogger.com where they rate burgers around the US. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to spend much time outside of California, but they do have photo’s!

  8. katetuomimonster Says:

    I love the burger map 🙂 I think we all need to combine forces to create an “ultimate” burger resource.

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