The Newest Airport Navigator


I love apps that help those perpetually travel frustrated – especially when it comes to what kind of options you’ll be dealing with at the airport, before and after security. 

After a while you get to know the unique quirks of airports. I now know that the San Francisco Airport Alaska terminal has pretty much nothing (good) to eat  before OR after security, so I should plan on eating before I leave the city. They do, however, have an adequate book shop. But wouldn’t these have been nice things to know in advance?

So when I heard about GateGuru, I wanted to learn more. Available as an iPhone app for $1.99, GateGuru can locate the best food, shopping and service options within any airport at the touch of a button.

Screenshot from

Some features listed on their webpage:

  • Most comprehensive and accurate listing of airport amenities (sortable by Food, Shops and Services).
  • Access to real-time ratings, reviews and photos – Avoid unappealing airport lounges, shady-looking restaurants or poor service – you deserve better! Quickly and easily locate the highest rated restaurant, shop or service by your fellow travelers.
  • Simple search engine – Know your pre or post-security options; what is near your gate; gift stores or ATMs close by; the nearest coffee shop and much more.
  • Bookmark function – Easily retrieve tagged information on the restaurants, shops and services you have enjoyed in the past.
  • Participate in the leaderboard – Earn points as you utilize GateGuru and improve your ranking among other travelers. Get honored as the “Captain” of your airport locally or nationally. Monitor your ranking versus your Facebook friends.
  • Become a Guru – In addition to GateGuru’s interactive online community, update your Twitter and Facebook status with updates, tips and/or reviews as you travel.

It seems like a great feature to me! I’m curious – has anyone tried it?


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