The Best Bar I’ve Ever Been To


As I walk through the rickety wood door, I spot a seat at the bar. The leather is ripped on the chair, but it doesn’t matter, so I hurry over and sit down. It’s always hard to find a seat at Grumpy’s this time of year, so I’m happy with whatever I get. As I start to take off my down jacket, I hear voices from the guys working behind the bar… “Hey, how’s your Dad?” “Is your brother in town?” “Did you bring any oysters this time?” This is why Grumpy’s is the best bar I’ve ever been too!

Grumpy’s is located in Sun Valley, Idaho and it is a true local’s joint. Just like the sarcastic saying on the sign out front, “Sorry, we’re open,” you get the same treatment inside. The bartenders are loud, humorous and witty. There’s no “the customers always right” in this bar. “We take cash only,” “What are you having?” “Order a real beer, get a schooner” are typical things that you might hear coming out of the mouths of the scruffy, hat wearing, t-shirt loving, bartenders.  (NOTE: a schooner is a 32 oz. glass used for serving German wheat beers.)

Grumpy’s is truly one of a kind. While some might call it a ‘dive,’ I call it authentic. Grumpy’s is filled with stories. From the writing on the bathroom walls to a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz, your eyes never get tired of darting around from one thing to the next in this place. What it lacks in interior design, it makes up for in character. It’s loud, the beer flows and there is always a local who might now make it to work in the morning because he’s had one too many schooner’s.  

Grumpy’s truly epitomizes local flavor. From the time the wonderfully recognizable street front sign changes to “Sorry we’re open,” locals stream into this place for an early afternoon burger and schooner. Just like Cheers, where “verybody knows your name,” the same rings true for Grumpy’s. At any given time you can walk into Grumpy’s and recognize at least one face behind the counter and one face sitting at the bar. Grab a seat, order a schooner and enjoy the uniquely fantastic ambiance of the best bar I’ve ever been to.

This post is by guest blogger Katie, special to the Event Services team.


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