Mrs. Fashion-Forward


Glowing. Radiant and shimmering, she walked out on the red carpet and my jaw dropped. She looked so calm and comfortable. Those who watched President Obama’s first state dinner in honor of Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India were wowed, again, by the fabulously fashionable Mrs. O. I am sure the curried prawns were delish, but nothing topped the night like Michelle’s dress designed by Naeem Khan, Indian-American designer. The floor length, strapless, cream-colored  dress dazzled. It had an over layer of delicate, transparent fabric with shinning prints and took a team of 40 people and three weeks to create in India. ( )

The night was a spectacle for certain, studded with stars and famous figures; it was truly a festive occasion.  Michelle’s fashion -forward outlook is a steady conversation in the media and once more, this night added to her fashion portfolio.  Taking a step back from the politics, the husband, the adorable children, and powerhouse job, she is a style, and woman, icon we have not had since arguably Jackie O. I of course was not alive in Mrs. Kennedy Onassis’s prime, but a book of her sophisticated style sits by my bed side table. I have long admired her poise and elegance and liken Michelle Obama’s good taste and grace with the former first lady.

It is refreshing to watch our First Lady make waves across the fashion industry with her classic cuts, pretty prints, bright colors and belted sweater and skirt sets. She proves that fashion is important, it shows creativity and character and a positive confidence in one’s self. Michelle has graced the covers of many leading magazines, including this month’s Glamour, with effortless tact and ease. Her best accessory is surely her smile and I anxiously await the fashion maven’s next move.

This post was written by guest blogger Kelsey, special to the Event Services team.


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