…And an affordable holiday season to all!


Smells of cinnamon and pine are filling the air, candy canes and lights are stocking store shelves, and familiar feelings of just how to save money this holiday season are quickly creeping back. The holidays, though joyous and festive, can also be stressful and this year’s economy is still a looming feature. But, there are tricks to the trade! Decorating does not have to break the bank. There are many ways to get in the spirit and keep your change.

Scents are one of the first signs of the season. I know Christmas is coming when I smell orange, cloves, cranberries, cinnamon and pine. These essentials can all be purchased at your grocery store and make for beautiful home decorating ideas.

Oranges and cloves: Buy six to eight large oranges and use a toothpick to poke holes all over each orange. Stick cloves in each hole, find a clear glass, shallow bowl, arrange and you have a perfect center piece.

Pomegranates in pots: Holiday cheer can extend outdoors too, greet guest with plentiful pots! Plant small pine trees in door-side pots and cover dirt with an array of pomegranates and cranberries. Cut the pomegranates in half and place the cut-side up to expose the bright red seeds.   The pots showcase nature’s own red and green flare.

Glitter and glue: Break out the crafts! Strap on your boots and go pick a few pinecones from the backyard. If you don’t have any, your local OFC sells large pinecones by the bag. Lay down some wax paper and cover the cone in Elmer’s glue. Sprinkle with silver and gold glitter until the pinecone is covered. After they dry, you can make another center piece by filling a pretty glass bowl with the cones or tie satin ribbon to the ends and use as filler ornaments on your tree.

Old lights: If you have old lights (the big bulbs, for your house) that are out of commission, take the colored ones off the strand and fill a long, clear vase with the bulbs. Top it off with a few small round colored ornaments and use as a side table decoration. Be creative with your decorating, this season is about warmth, light and togetherness!

 This post was written by guest blogger Kelsey, special to the Event Services team.


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