Sometimes You Just Gotta Be A Kid


Earlier this week, I got a notification about a new sports bar in the Wicker Park area of Chicago. This new venue notification caught my eye because it touted an extensive “dip list” and the option of mini funnel cakes for dessert. I love carnivals and carnival foods – funnel cakes and elephant ears and cotton candy. There’s something about all those sugary sweet foods that make me feel young and carefree.


All that sweetness got me thinking about event themes and carnival fun. Occasionally, I have a client who is really open to completely theming out their product launch or celebration and I thought that a carnival theme might be a big hit right now. Last year, I had the opportunity to pull together an event where we served things like sno-cones and cotton candy and it was a huge hit – brought out everyone’s inner child.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to an Oktoberfest Celebration in the Portland area and the thing that was most exciting to my group of 30-40 year old friends? The old school carnival games – knocking down the milk jugs, the sledgehammer and the basketball throw.

Maybe it’s the tension that still exists as part of the economy or maybe it’s the nostalgia, but I’m sensing some carnival trends here and will be interested to see how long these things last.


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