Wi-Fi in the sky.


This is my first experience blogging from an airplane.wi-fi in the sky

I’ve always been a Negative Nelly when it came to talk of airlines adding in-flight Wi-Fi.  For me, business travel is a much needed break allowing me to catch up on the 600+ emails that pile up in my in-box the days before whatever event I happen to be traveling for.  The last thing I want is for people to be able to reach me during that time denying me of the opportunity to clean out the mail box and spam all of my colleagues upon my arrival. 

I’m now a Positive Polly on a Delta flight with Wi-Fi. I love it.

Granted it’s after working hours on both coasts right now so the mail flow isn’t running rampant so I can still clean out the in-box.  I can also check Facebook and catch up with friends.  I can blog, I can tweet (well, if I tweeted I could), IM, and most importantly, keep up with the American League Championship game going on right now between the Yankees and the Angels.  Unfortunately, my Yankees are behind by 4 runs in the bottom of the third inning. 

Have you experienced on-line Wi-Fi?  What do you think?


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