Think You Know Your Tea?


TastingTable had a great article on Friday about a new venture by tea-master Steven Smith.  The former mastermind behind Stash Tea Co. and Tazo, he’s definitely sized down his operation – Smith Tea is a tiny, one man shop in Portland.

“With his brand-new line of handmade blends, the Portland, Oregon-based tea maker aims to create the freshest, most traceable teas on the planet.Smith Tea

Smith’s teas are bagged on a made-to-order basis, and each box of tea contains a number, which you can enter on the company’s website to find out where each leaf was grown, when it was harvested and who packed your blend (visit the site and enter “90106” to see how it works).” (Source: Tasting Table)

I’m hoping to head over there this weekend to check out Mao Feng Sui, a spring harvested Mao Feng green tea from Zhejiang China that’s sourced through a “secret supplier.”

Smith Teamaker, 1626 N.W. Thurman St., Portland; 503-719-8752 or


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