A New Old Favorite


1294870-photo-from-post-squid-ink-pasta-with-king-crab-shrimp-mussels-and-sea-scallops-with-a-spicy-and-herb-tomato-sauceI have been a traveling fool the past week going back and forth across the country hunting venues, shopping for super heroes, meeting with friends and colleagues, and dining on squid ink pasta.

About five or six years ago on a visit to New York I dined at a wonderful restaurant, Babbo.  It was fantastic, but despite numerous trips to NYC, I hadn’t returned.  Why? Like so many others, I had succumbed to the temptation of visiting someplace new to say I’d been there.  In spite of frequent disappointments, I continued my search for the perfect dining experience, focusing on restaurants owned by famous chefs, highly rated and friend recommended.

On my most recent trip to the NYC, I was challenged with the task of finding someplace good to dine with colleagues at 4:00 PM.  Every restaurant on my must visit list was booked – we either weren’t getting in or wouldn’t be eating until midnight.  Desperate, I IM’d a friend asking for recommendations and she suggested Babbo. I immediately recalled my wonderful dining experience there and wondered why I hadn’t returned.  I called, made a reservation for 8:00, and we were seated at 7:59.  The food was fantastic, the service wonderful, and the music eclectic.  All in all, a delightful gastronomical experience. 

While driving back from Seattle today I decided to go back through my collection of matchbooks and write down the names of restaurants I want to re-visit on future trips.  I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Boston where I had some of the best lasagna ever, to Atlanta for the greatest scallops, and to San Fran for the very best meal ever.



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