A Room With A View


The views at the new Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District have been causing quite a stir this week.

While the hotel officially opened in early 2009, The New York Post reported just this past Wednesday about the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows and the hotel guest’s exhibitionist antics. Since then, the story has been picked up by numerous outlets – it showed up this morning on People and was reported on just days ago by the NBC Nightly News.


Photo Credit: Katetuomimonster

Photo Credit: Katetuomimonster

What’s all the fuss?

The Standard is situated just above the newly developed Highline, an elevated park built on an old freight line.  Park goers are able to look directly up in to The Standard’s guest rooms which (as mentioned above) have floor to ceiling windows – windows that are completely transparent when looking up and at the hotel.

The main problem seems to be with the exhibitionist guests (or those that have no idea the windows are see through).  Parents are concerned that a family-friendly trip to the Highline will be jeopardized by those purposefully putting on a show.  City officials are concerned it’s sending the wrong message to the ever changing neighborhood.  The Standard, it appears, is just loving all the buzz.

I was a guest at The Standard in July and I did see a naked person (or two or three) while taking a walk on the Highline.  Was I offended? Not really. Would I think twice if I was going to take young kids up there who might take in the “sights”? Maybe. It will be interesting to see what changes (or what doesn’t) as a result of all the coverage.


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