Bunk Up


As a foodie wannabe, who’s just as interested in things like Plate & Pitchfork as I am in the local dive bar, I take Guy Fieri’s advice pretty seriously.  When he featured Portland sandwich shop, Bunk, on a recent episode of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, I was sold on making the trek.

(Photo Courtesy of BunkSandwiches.com

(Photo Courtesy of BunkSandwiches.com)

A couple weeks ago an event planning friend and I ventured out during Friday late lunch hour to sample the goods.  When we arrived at 1:30PM, the line was still wrapped around the corner at the end of the block.  After waiting in line for 40 minutes on a hot day, just to order a sandwich!, and selecting from the hand-written chalkboard selections, my friend and I plopped down at the end of the bar to wait on our food.  The good news is from that vantage point, I was able to watch them make every sandwich before mine, see which options were the favorites and appreciate the whole operation.

About 15 minutes after I ordered, my sandwich came up.  On a whim, at the very last moment, I chose to ignore my normal vegetarian tendencies (plus there were no veggie options) and order the cured meat sandwich – what a treat!  Due to the messiness of the sandwich, I was forced to eat the entire thing in one setting, but they’ve definitely mastered their trade.  My only wish is that I’d gotten the meatball sandwich (definitely the crowd fav) instead.

Fast forward to last week when I made a stop at Bunk while on vacation.  We arrived at 11:15AM on a Thursday and the line was only 5 people deep.  I stuck with my plan and ordered the meatball sandwich (even though some of the other options looked mighty tasty) and was really pleased with my yummy choice.

45 minutes later, as we were walking out the door, the line had already grown to cover the entire city block.  I’ll definitely go back, but only when I know I won’t have to wait in a 40 minute line.  Sandwiches – good, line – not so much.


One Response to “Bunk Up”

  1. Chava Boyett Says:

    In are recent issue of Paste magazine, the Decemberists were raving about Bunk. Specifically Chris Funk, the guitarist.

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