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When I first moved to Portland, I stumbled upon the Eat.Shop guide in the local section at  Powell’s.   I loved that I could instantly find a whole collection of new and unusual places to explore – places that the Frommer’s guide had never heard of.

A new version of the guide is published every year and features “85 or so unique, authentic, scrumdilicious local businesses that range from eye popping and brand spankin’ new to deeply patinaed and way off the beaten path, funky and unexpected to chic and shiny” (source: Eat.Shop).

There are now 21 locations represented in addition to Portland (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, London, LA, Miami, Montreal, New Orleans, NYC, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Rhode Island, San Francisco, Seattle, Twin Cities, Vancouver and Washington DC) and I highly recommend you check them out the next time you want to feel at home in a city.

According to their newly launched website, it also looks like iPhone apps for Miami, Portland, New York and Paris are coming soon.


2 Responses to “Eat.Shop Guides”

  1. Beth LA Says:

    Absolutely one of the best guides to explore a city – whether you live in the city or just visit!

  2. Brittni Says:

    hey thanks for the kudos! we are launching 3 new books this fall and have 6 more in the pipeline for spring….plus iPhone apps coming soon too. if ever needing copies for your events (they make great client gifts), let me know.

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