Best Bathroom In America?


Ladies RoomIn reading through USA Today’s Travel section earlier today I read that the Branson Theater has been awarded ‘America’s Best Restroom’.  Now I’ve never been to the Branson Theater, so I had to take a look to see what makes it so spectacular?

It certainly is extravagant and over-the-top, but is it really the best?  Granted, most men’s rooms don’t have a pool table while to play a quick game while you wait, but maybe Mens Roomthat’s because there never IS a wait in the men’s room!

Had I voted for the best public bathroom I would have to go with The Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA.  It’s not only a nicely decorated bathroom with plenty of stalls, but also there is a sense of going back in time to the days of Rhett and Scarlett when you enter. 

What’s the best public restroom you’ve been in?


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One Response to “Best Bathroom In America?”

  1. Bud Grebey Says:

    The best bathroom unfortunately no loner exists. It was the Men’s Room in the Rainbow Room at the top of Rockafeller Center in Manhattan. The Rainbow Room is still there, but it has been remodeled. The old loo offered the most amazing view of Manahattan from the Top of the rock.

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